Top 10 Free Career Development Courses in Udemy

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Top rated udemy Career Development Course for free.these courses will help us to learn some new strategy and techniques for our business and personal development.

01.The Career Advice Guide For Professional Analysts

Lang Greene• Experienced Analyst / Strategist
Advice, Tips, and Strategies for Becoming a Stronger Analyst Professional

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02.Six Steps for Successful Studio Visits

Alix Sloan• Founder, Practical Advice for Artists
Tips from a Visitor’s Perspective

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03.How to Deal with Difficult and Toxic People in the Workplace

Michael Ballard• Drift, Dream, Drown or Decide & Do!
Dealing with Difficult and Toxic People at Work?

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04.Hypnosis Practice Business System

Tribe of Healers• Welcome to the Tribe
How to Create a Thriving Healing Practice

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05.Quit Your Soul-Sucking Job & Start Over – Start to Live Now

Stan Hustad• Udemy Teacher-Broadcaster-Writer-World-wide Business Coach
Yes , quit it so you can get a powerful new start in your career, your own business, and enjoy future

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06.Military Transition: Life Coaching for Ex-Military Personnel

Kain Ramsay• Pioneer in Applied Modern Psychology, NLP, CBT & Mindfulness
A life coaching programme for ex-military personnel to aid a smoother transition between military

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07.How To Get A Job? Graduate Job Search Crash Course

Ponny SH Lam• Career Strategist, Author, Recruiter, NLP Coach
Job Interview Preparation: Winning Job Offers from Zero

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08.OPerform better geotechnical numerical analysis

(Competency in Geotechnical Analysis)• Engineering/Construction
The first course in the COGAN (Competency in Geotechnical Analysis) e-learning series
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09.Help – I need a job.

David Colley• Scholar at Reaching Aspiration
5 Steps to Develop a Career Strategy
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10.Best Practices for Volunteering Overseas

Mark Horoszowski• Co-founder and CEO of MovingWorlds
Tips, tools, and resources to volunteer your professional skills overseas and safely plan

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